Who is Craige?

cmooreI have 10+ years experience in digital content creation. My expertise includes creating and implementing digital strategies to drive lead generation, analyzing effectiveness of online campaigns, and having the foresight to see what new technologies can help grow a business.


    • Guiding companies in creating social strategies combined with email marketing that will foster an increase in leads and brand awareness
    • Generating qualified leads via social media by transforming editorial, marketing and promotional content into catchy graphics, blurbs, blogs, podcasts, and more

Key achievements:

    • Spearheaded the transition to using social media to increase revenue for Platts, a global news and data publishing company
    • Instigated adoption of an enterprise level social media management tool that was then rolled out to be used by McGraw Hill Financial sister companies

Still have more questions about Craige? Let’s see if I can answer them.

  • My parents did not want a boy instead of me.
  • Craige is a family name. It’s spelled with an E on the end in my family.
  • Sure, go ahead and make a joke about my name, but I’ve heard most¬†all of them and I rarely¬†find them funny.
  • Craige is pronounced just like you’d pronounce Craig. People say Craig differently; that’s just a matter of regional accents. Any way you say Craig is fine by me.

Now I know you aren’t going to forget my name!

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  1. jeff fraley says:


    I’d like to discuss your services and how they can benefit my start up company, Skin Deep Laser Services.

    Please call me when you get a chance @ 410-218-0653.

    Thank you,

    Jeff Fraley

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