What is a social strategy?

Every company has a website these days, right? And so it would seem that every company therefore must take the next step, which is to have a presence on a number of social media platforms. But there’s more to a social strategy than just having a presence.

Step one of a social strategy is determining what your goal is. There is a very good chance that your goal is tied to your business strategy. That should make it easy to determine your social strategy. Nine times out of 10, the goal will be to gain more qualified leads who will ultimately turn into paying clients. Does that sound something like your strategy? Good! Then we’re on the right track.

Step two of a social strategy is figuring out where your potential clients are lurking. If your client base is all on Facebook, then there is not much sense in spending all your time targeting them via Twitter. This step may take some research.

Once you know where your potential audience is hanging out online, you can begin to target them appropriately. Step three entails creating tailored posts and advertisements that will catch the fleeting glance of your prospective clients. You only have a moment before they’re on to the next post on┬átheir screens, so it’s important to create tantalizing posts. The best way to create eye-catching posts is to use images. Overlay some text and you’ve got a winning post. Yours will absolutely stand out among a sea of text.

Stay tuned for more about creating a social strategy.

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